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Beautiful and blazing fast funnels to help you sell your products and turn your visitors into buyers.

How does Lightfunnels work

Easy-to-use, all-in-one funnels platform to start, run, grow and simplify your ecommerce business.

Choose a theme

Professionally designed themes to easily sell your products without wasting time or being a designer.

Add your product

Create your products or import them from AliExpress or Shopify and edit them without using any external tool.

Publish your funnel

Delight your visitors by publishing a blazing fast funnel that converts visitors to a custom domain name.

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New home for your products

Lightfunnels help you sell products whether you have them in your inventory or not, digital or physical. With our easy-to-use dashboard, you can create, import, edit, and manage your products all in one place.

Add or import reviews and link them to your products, you will be able to add them to your funnels as a way to show social proof and boost conversion.

If we didn't use Lightfunnels, we'd lose on so many customers and sales because of how fast their funnels are.
Olivia Atkins

Ecommerce business owner

Online sales funnel

Set up your fast, reliable, and scalable sales funnels that focuses solely on conversion and help you sell your products globally.

Accept your payments

Lightfunnels payment options are optimized for conversion, speed, and good experience that let buyers pay using their methods.

Sell digital & physical products

Selling online has never been easier. You can add or import physical products as well as digital ones like courses or books.

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The most advanced funnels builder

A funnel is not just a website, it's a multi-step process that helps turn prospective visitors into buyers by showcasing your product and getting visitors to successfully buy your products.

Lightfunnels helps you create sales funnels that convert and increase conversion rate with our simple drag and drop editor and add a variety of steps, A/B tests, upsells and downsells.

The idea of using anything else to sell my products is daunting me, the platform itself is the fastest, support was best in class, and all of this helped us actually grow our business.
Jake Gazdeki

Experienced Ecommerce Seller

Easy to use

The most advanced funnel builder is the easiest one. Drag and drop funnel steps to quickly create beautiful funnels that turn visitors into customers.

Tracking insights

Leverage our at-a-glance insights of each of your funnel pages to grow your funnel and improve conversion rate. Get a holistic view into your clicks, CTR, and visits.

A/B testing

Gain insight into your customers and actionable data into what can you improve on your pages to increase CTR, AOV, and conversion rate.

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Create blazing fast funnel pages

Easily build beautiful, fast pages that sell your products and increase conversion rate in using our intuitive, no-code, and simple Page Builder.

Create unique ecommerce experiences by creating pages that sell any products, physical or digital, and turn your visitors into loyal buyers. No coding or design skills required.

Lightfunnels is the best ecommerce platform on the market right now, nothing comes close. They have the fastest page builder producing the fastest webpages that actually sell your products and increase your revenue numbers.
Alan Wong

7-figure Dropshipper

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Use themes & sections

Create beautiful pages and funnels faster and with no design or code skills by using our pre-designed themes or page sections.

Drag & drop

Once you pick your favorite templates, you can easily drag and drop elements and construct pages to your liking.

Brand and customize your pages

Every template or page section comes with its own bound styles so you can quickly change them to match your brand.

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Lightfunnels is for everyone

We built the simplest ecommerce platform to make it easy for novices and experts to build webpages that sell.

Getting started

Lightfunnels is perfect for you to get started selling your first online products.


Grow your ecommerce business faster and more efficiently using Lightfunnels.


Scale your business with Lightfunnels advanced business features.

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High converting, beautiful pre-built themes

Explore our themes collection and find the right theme to quickly get beautiful high-converting funnels selling your products with no code or deisgn skills.

Easily customize themes to make them your own using our global styles support, change a font or a color and it gets applied accross all pages in the funnel.

Browse themes

Lightfunnels helped us grow tremendously over the past few months, you don't need to hire a designer or coder to setup high converting funnels, you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes.
Anastasia O'Neill

Ecommerce business owner

High converting prebuilt themes
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Increase AOV with one-click upsells

Lightfunnels makes it easier for you to increase AOV by setting up a one-click upsell so that you can show customers related products to their purchase and help them walk away more happy and satisfied.

Increase AOV with post purchase one click upsell
funnel builder, link funnel

Lightfunnels integrates with the tools you're already using

integration tools
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We are here to help

Our support team is standing by 24/7 to help you via live chat, email or social media. We also have a regularly updated help center to help you get the most out of your Lightfunnels.

If you are feeling social, we have a supportive community of marketers, sellers, and small business owners on Facebook, share your experiences and help others in need.

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Don't take our word for it,
here is what our customers say.

  • Lightfunnels empowers Ecommerce and lead-Gen marketers with high-converting sales funnels that don't take forever to load. Scaling ad spend, generating more leads, or cutting customer acquisition costs can be as simple as spending 30 minutes on LightFunnels. I use it and highly recommend it.
    Alaa Khassa

  • Lightfunnels it allows us to create funnels in just a few minutes using ready-to-use templates and premium media library which has a lot of beautiful premade sections.
    Alice Watkins

    E-Commerce Entrepreneur

  • I used to spend a ton of time following up with team members and figuring out where to find notes. Now Lightfunnels it does all of that for me in one place.
    Daniel Kan

    E-Commerce Droppshipper


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