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Build high converting sales funnels in minutes

The easiest way to create fast, high converting sales funnels to grow your business and get leads, sales.

funnel builder

The most advanced funnel builder and the easiest one

Lightfunnels gives you the tools you need to easily set up a sales funnel and market, sell, and fulfill your products.

Drag and drop

The easiest and most intuitive funnel builder to save you hours of work.

Link funnel pages

Add as many pages as you want and link them together to create your desired funnels.

Add custom domain

Use your own custom domain for your funnels so that customers can easily find you.

Funnel flows

Build funnels that convert visitors into customers

  • Lead generation

    Collect users contact information

  • Sell a product

    Convert users & make sales

  • Upsell products

    Increase AOV through upsells

Pages types

Create beautiful, fast pages optimized for high conversions

Easily add blazing fast pages for different purposes to your funnel whether you want to sell a product and increase AOV, generate leads, or sell a course or an artwork.

funnel builder

One click upsell

Increase AOV using one-click upsells

Offer product upgrades or complementary products to your customers in minutes to increase your average order value AOV make customers walk away more satisfied with their purchase.

Lightfunnels help you get on the market and sell your products faster than any other ecommerce platform.
Ming Yao

Dropshipping Expert

Increase AOV with post purchase one click upsell


At-a-glance stats and insights

Lightfunnels provides you with helpful at-a-glance metrics to gain insights into each individual funnel page's performance to increase your conversion rate, click through rate, and AOV.

Page visits
Page CTR
Page clicks
Increase AOV with post purchase one click upsell


Increase sales with A/B testing

Easily add an A/B split test to your funnel and gain insights and actionable information about what makes your visitors purchase from you, to improve your funnel pages to increase conversion rate, CTR, and AOV.

Manage variants
Set a trafic weight
Auto select winner
Increase AOV with post purchase one click upsell

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here is what our customers say.

  • Lightfunnels empowers Ecommerce and lead-Gen marketers with high-converting sales funnels that don't take forever to load. Scaling ad spend, generating more leads, or cutting customer acquisition costs can be as simple as spending 30 minutes on LightFunnels. I use it and highly recommend it.
    Alaa Khassa

  • Lightfunnels it allows us to create funnels in just a few minutes using ready-to-use templates and premium media library which has a lot of beautiful premade sections.
    Alice Watkins

    E-Commerce Entrepreneur

  • I used to spend a ton of time following up with team members and figuring out where to find notes. Now Lightfunnels it does all of that for me in one place.
    Daniel Kan

    E-Commerce Droppshipper


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