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The Foundation

Started from the bottom now we're here.

2018the idea

Lightfunnels was just a dream. An idea that came out of frustration with the available ecommerce solutions.

2021The launch

After 4 years of hard work and sweat, we have finally launched Lightfunnels as a Black Friday deal in late November 2021.

2023Introduced stores

After popular demand from hundreds of e-commerce merchants who love Lightfunnels, we launched e-commerce stores!

Meet the team.

These are the faces behind Lightfunnels

About Us
Yousef Khalidi


eCom hacker, workaholic and a new dad.

About Us
Yassir Ennazk

Co-Founder & CEO

E-commerce enthusiast and web technology nerd. Never seen without a baseball hat.

About Us
Naoufal Bardouni

Co-Founder & CTO

We don't just ship products; we ship joy, laughter, and a touch of weirdness.

About Us
Youssef Bouzidi

Lead product manager

Crafting digital experiences that make life easier, one pixel at a time.

About Us
Yousra Chanaoui

Customer support manager

We promise to make you laugh so hard that coffee comes out your nose

About Us
Omar Hmitouch

Lead front-end developer

Frontend alchemist, fueled by The Office humor.

About Us
Ismail Dahri

Front end developer

We're an e-commerce team with a passion for both high sales and low puns.

About Us
Marwan Mouatassim

Lead graphic designer

the superheroes of online shopping, with a sense of humor to match.

About Us
Hamza Elglaoui

Head of Apps & Integrations

We may be a serious e-commerce company, but don't worry—we're also certified joke experts.

About Us
Saif Salamah

Customer Support Ninja

bringing you awesome products and questionable dance moves since day one.

About Us
Mostafa Ibnelkhattab

Marketing department

Coffee and chaos fuel our e-commerce greatness. Proceed with caffeine and caution!

About Us
Khadija Mouatassim

Project manager

Juggling tasks and coffee mugs, our project manager turns chaos into code with a dash of caffeine magic.

About Us


Join our team and discover the perfect blend of e-commerce expertise.


Don't take our word for it, here is what our customers say.


“shopify killer+ Great funnel builder”

I am a complete newbie to web design and have been looking for an easy-to-use platform that takes the work out of creating the pages I need to promote my new products. Lightfunnels has been a lifesaver for me. Their streamlined, easy-to-use platform allows me to create pages that are both easy to manage and highly effective at selling my products. I am already seeing results since I started this week. I highly recommend Lightfunnels to anyone looking to create landing pages that sell products!

Dean Chamberlain

“Phenomenol support”

I love the platform and have really found it has such a beautiful user interface. The learning curve for me was where support really helped, especially Yousra. Really appreciate the team and the hardwork they do in LF.

Victorya tokaze

“6 figures seller”

Lightfunnels empowers E-commerce and lead-gen marketers with high-converting sales funnels that don't take forever to load. Scaling ad spend, generating more leads, or cutting customer acquisition costs can be as simple as spending 30 minutes on LightFunnels.

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“I'm never going back to Shopify. Ever.”

I'm never going back to Shopify. Ever. Just imagine Shopify and CF having a baby. Boom ! You have LightFunnels rocking just like SSJ2 Gohan vs. Cell. I started looking for a good Shopify alternative 2 years ago as I was in need of a more flexible platform. I literally tried everything from WooCommerce to Webflow. I gave Wix, CF & Systeme io a try too but none of them fulfilled my needs like LightFunnels does ! A CLEAR dashboard, every single data we need without having to link Google Analytics. They give stunning templates, crazy built-in features that usually cost a lot $$$ and last but not least the staff is hands down the best ever on a platform like this They're constantly improving, giving us new features and new on-point templates (I remember saying to myself that these guys never sleep when I first entered the facebook group). They're treating their customers like family and most of all their support is G.O.A.T.ed (shoutout to Yousra who's probably tired of me at this time 😅) Thank you for everyting !



UX the best Ease of Use the best Pricing is good and Rest of All Customer Service is really AWESOME Both Mr. Yusuf and Yusra. You guys made things easy for me. Best wishes to the whole Team.

Richard G

“Probably the best funnel software”

I've been an early adopter of many saas products to help build my own business, so while i am no expert with Lightfunnels yet, I am becoming an expert of which saas companies to invest in, and which to steer clear of... My number one criteria now is not the product itself, but the team behind it, their energy, whether I think they are capable of making it into the big leagues, their business acumin, and of course, how well they communicate with their customers. I hope my intuition is right because as of now, i'm seeing a green light on all my criteria for the Lightfunnels team. I've tasted the bad and believe me, i know what the good tastes like which is why i'm happy to endorse Lightfunnels on the eve of 2022.

Adrian Williams

“Amazing software”

Amazing software, community and customer support so glad I found these guys!

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